It’s ecommerce management made easy

Welcomo to site. We are happy, to help you with your ecommerce store 🙂 We try to win not only our customer’s respect, but also respect of the end user of our products.

Everybody knows Google Drive power and how to work with documents there, eh? If you dont know about its not a problem, check this link WIKI
One of the most great thing – its that it let you keep your documents, in one place, access from anywhere and share with anybody.

Right now you can try for free our ecommerce solution for Magento 2 or Woocommerce. Its build with awesome tool – Google App Script. All your changes done in Google Spreadsheet table, and from there you can update web store products.

We have Forum for discussion, questions, reports. Feel free to post there topics or posts, or search your questions about.

Ok. Let’s go. Check bellow

Magento 2 integration

Easymange app let you:

  • Quick update with price, special price, status, qty disable and enable products.
  • Export customers, update them with newly registered, have theirs emails which can be used in marketing emails.
  • Mail merge – create personalized emails per each customer, send them from your Gmail account, so they Inbox for sure.
  • Update email content with products, cms blocks html using shortcodes.
  • Manage unsubscribes.
  • Easily update any product with any attribute.
  • Import simple products.
  • Create configurable products.
  • Update products small images, base image, thumb image, gallery images.
  • Update products custom options.

Quick presentation