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Custom Table Update



I have done customization via an custom extension for my product data, is it possible for me to update data of the product using your solution


Custom Table 1 Screenshot

Custom Table 2 Screenshot

You can see that my data is getting related by unique product id


Please suggest

Yes, possible. We just still have to upgrade documentation about.

If that's woocommerce site check how done this part -



It is for a Magento 2.3.4.

Can you guide us how is that possible

That can be done as new module, I describe in short on existing example, that have to be more detailed, but for now maybe it could help you create your own.

Create base module files(registration.php etc...)

1. Using events register app update(


File -

fires on event "easymanage_addons_create" and update google app UI with menu items, export and save UI buttons, register custom table for Google Sheet App and api calls endpoints. 

interface for an magento 2 api calls, its same as create any own module magento 2 API calls.

The model for API calls(updated interface above with )

There two public methods exportunsubscribers and saveunsubscribers they are called on export data to Google Sheet and sending data from Google Sheet to Magento server.(we register endpoints for that in prev file Addon.php)

Important have data for export and import in same format as it added there(JSON with params "status", "type" etc...)

So basically this all what you need for new module which can create new UI elements in app and have backend process on Magento server for exporting data from it to Google Sheet, and then send data back from Google Sheet to Magento server.

Its quite short explain how it work, for sure we will add in future some more detailed documentation about, just when we could get more time.