Ecommerce management system to make life easier. Install two extensions and get started with instructions below!

1 -

How it Works

Basically it needs two extensions installed. One is for Google Spreadsheet (App script add-on), another for Magento 2. App script add-on update spreadsheet functionality and send-fetch data from-to-web store, directly through Magento 2 REST API. Magento 2 extension its some kind of optimization for search, update products, import products, mail merge-email templates with data from store by short codes, manage update unsubscribe emails. This system will only work if 2 extensions are installed.

2 -

Magento Module Installation

Magento 2.3 version recommended!

Visit our Github Page and follow the instructions there. Feel free to modify and inform bugs in the source.

3 -

How it Works

Open Google Spreadsheet -> Menu -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons

In search field type "Easymanage", find add-on and press "+ Free" button.