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get order info on new order event

Hi there  this is a great app

Would it be possible to add a function to get the order info everytime there is a new order and add this to a list in a sheet ?

like the woogs plugin



Hi. Currently app have no triggers setup.

But in future we plan make functionality like that, so would be possible get any data as new order, new customer, new subscriber or custom data from other plugins.

Also in plans create some kind of documentation how to create own addons for "Easymanage" app.

The app can be upgraded now only with functionality which run after some user behavior on app(such as button clicks etc...). Can be fetched, changed and saved any data from any app, own table structure, own forms and links at app menu.

Thank You, for yours idea. We will keep it in our schedule list.

That sounds great, take a look at the woogs plugin  for wordpress,

are you accepting contributions to a github or gitlab ?

I would love to help in anyway I can


He. Yes. We will do accepting updates, after all base solution done(currently triggers, and some other upgrades should be done)

In plan have that in begining of October.

Anyway right now should be possible to build own module(we will work out the detailed document about soon)

Just if interest take a look at the folder -

In other words there is in action - "easymanage_addons" - on that call, possible update Google App UI with buttons, tables etc. Also register own endpoints on button as save or fetch.


Hi. We just complete one app addon for sync Woocommerce orders with Easymanage app.

Right now its placed on github.

Write if something.