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product import is not working fine for us. We use the non american notation for prices. Instead of 2.99, we write 2,99. When we import the products to our sheets, it just writes down the integer 2. Is there a way to determine the decimal to comma?


Hi. In spreadsheet File -> Spreadsheet Settings.

Change locale to US, then it should use dots in numbers(prices)

Let me know, does that help.


Hi, thank you for the fast answer. sadly it still does not fetch decimal data. Is there maybe a way to make a change in php files?
Thank you for your help!

For fetching data into spreadsheet.

Check file -

protected function processPriceField($val) { ....

It should create price in number format with dots.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. Here I have learned a lot of things from this post and appreciate your innovative thinking.