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Problem connected to magento from Google sheets


I have installed the module and the google addon. When trying to connect from google sheets, I need to log in.

Here, I fill in my website name and user details but I always get an error (it was in Dutch originally: "the specified request cannot be processed"

Any ideas?

Website URL should with http or https, depends what you have.

Try to create a new user in admin, and then login with that new credentials.

Let me know.


Thank you for the answer. My website has https, but I have tried both with http and https. I have also made a new user and tried to log in with those credentials, but the same message. I have also tried with my own user, but that doesn't work either.

Is there a way to check if Easymanage module was properly installed in Magento?

First of all check are authorization token working well.

Simple use curl cmd -

curl -X POST "" \

     -H "Content-Type:application/json" \
     -d "{"username":"customer1", "password":"customer1pw"}"

Also where do you get the module from marketplace or from github?

Check the log files for an errors?



Am I supposed to have an authorization token from magento for Easymanage? I do not see one at systems -> integrations. I installed it with composer require develodesign/easymanage.

Nothing about easymanage in the log files.

I do not know how to run that curl command, I am not a web developer :(. - write here. i will help.


I upgraded my hosting plan a week ago, and my hosting provider automatically assigned new nameservers and IP address, but I did not see the message. Therefore I was using my old connection, which for some reason was still working. I will try to install it normally again on the correct installation and let you know if it works or not.

Thanks again for your effort.

I installed it using the updated credentials and I have now been able to log into google sheets with the user. Time to finally explore the module!

Hi. Nice news.

Write any problems, ideas or found bugs there.

Thanks again for using our module.

Please am also have issues connecting.

I have installed the module on magento and on google sheet.


When I click on the module > Click on products > Enter the store correct store URL, correct admin username and password, it give error. it gives the error message "Request does not match any route. Site require module installed"

If i purposely use the wrong credentials but correct store URL, i get the error message "The sign ing credentials not correct"

Using: Magento ver. 2.3.4