Open Google Spreadsheet -> Menu -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons

In search field type “Easymanage”, find add-on and press “+ Free” button

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Basically it needs two extensions installed. One is for Google Spreadsheet (App script addon), another for Woocommerce. App script addon update spreadsheet functionality and send-fetch data from-to web store, directly through Woocommerce REST API. Woocommerce extension its some kind of optimization for search, update products, import products, mail merge email templates with data from store by shortcodes, manage update unsibscriber emails. App script addon work only! if Woocommerce extensions are installed.

Woocommerce at least 3.6 version recommended

Visit our github page and follow the instruction there. Feel free to modify, optimize and inform bugs in that source.

After successfully installed Woocommerce and Google Spreadsheet modules, you should see the new menu item in your spreadsheet “Add-ons” -> “Easymanage“. Click “Easymanage” -> then select one of three items “Products”, “Customers” or “Mail merge

!IMPORTANT – during first run app require access from yours account such as Google Drive etc… You have to allow all of them, that access let App script modify current spreadsheet. NOTE – we do not read, modify, create anything on yours drive.

Registration sidebar opened. Select “Woocommerce

You should see login screen, for authorization. Generate keys(read/write access, administrator role) and enter in authorization form API Keys how to. We do not save or get any of yours authorization data. All data from this form are saved in yours google account, and can be used only from current document.

After login(login required only once), you will get Eeasymanage sidebar, there you can start update your products 🙂

All working? If no – check the forum – anyway its time for coffee, tea, beer or whatever 

Uninstall from Woocommerce
FTP to yours project root directory.
Disable easymanage module from admin Plugins -> Installed plugins
Remove all source from wp-content/plugins/easymanage folder

Uninstall from spreadsheet
Click on logout link in sidebar menu. !important all Easymanage app data will be cleared. Remove addon from Add-ons -> Manage add-ons

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